Strategist + Curator + Connector

Translating Ideas into Tangible Action +
Meaningful Stories into Memorable Experiences
That Move People

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About me.

As an inherently curious person. I love learning and am passionate about bringing people together to connect, learn, and build community. 

My work spreads across a variety of projects, with a common thread of creating memorable experiences that foster learning and connection. I am particularly interested in topics that pivot around women, work and wellness. 

My work.

I have helped clients develop more than 80 B2B partnerships with global brands and shape over 200 activations at conferences, private gatherings, executive trainings, and digital campaigns reaching over 150k professionals across the US, Europe and Asia. These experiences have given me a unique window into how people connect, engage and learn. Some of my clients include:  Mount Saint Mary's University, Take the Lead, Social Media Week, and I contribute to select projects for Women Online like AARP’s Disrupt Aging initiative.  

In 2016, I formed the Insight Collective to offer in-person gatherings, a monthly-ish newsletter, and The Speaker List, which connects professional women to speaking opportunities and event organizers to a diverse cross-section of women experts.

In September of 2018, I launched The Women's Professional Conference Experience & Impact Study in partnership with Dr. Emerald Archer and the Center for the Advancement of Women at Mount Saint Mary’s University. This study includes a comprehensive national survey capturing professional women’s experiences at conferences to measure their impact on our careers, and a comprehensive analysis of the content offered at professional women’s conferences - making it the most comprehensive study of its kind.

Work with me.

I deliver the answers to the questions that you didn’t know you have. My specialty is translating ideas into tangible action. By "listening between the lines," I can get to the essence of what people need and draw connections to the right resources - people, ideas, strategy - to harness ideas and design the roadmap you need to put them into action. 

If you host conferences, networking events, trainings and workshops, run corporate L&D programs, or create digital content, workbooks, and curriculum based courses, I would love to explore how we can work together.

Let's create something together.