Some nice words from great people. 

"Working with Brady has been invaluable to the launch of the Center for the Advancement of Women at Mount Saint Mary’s University. As the inaugural director, I have had to consider the Center’s brand, create content for the Center’s website, develop programming opportunities that include connecting with female change makers in LA, and develop my own strategy in terms of speaking/writing opportunities and outreach. Brady has been critical to the decisions I’ve made in each of these areas. I look forward to our continued collaboration and would recommend her to organizations and individuals looking to connect with the community and make a positive impact!

 Dr. Emerald Archer, Director at The Center for the Advancement of Women

"Brady is the perfect combination of a savvy strategist and an accessible collaborator who guides teams from initial idea to execution with grace and aplomb. Brady initially worked with Mount Saint Mary's to establish the foundation for a corporate giving program, but her broad network and scope of expertise helped us in so many other ways to expand our brand and visibility. Brady is a joy to work with - she brings passion, drive and humor to all that she does."

- Kimberly Kenny, Associate Vice President of Advancement, Mount Saint Mary's University

"Brady was a combination of strategist, master planner, task master, and cheerleader. She beautifully balanced all roles and put together a board of advisors as eclectic as the events included in SMWLA. I was incredibly impressed with Brady's ability to manage much, complain little and keep a multitude of egos and agendas in check."

- Cynthia Neiman, Chief Marketing Officer at Ergobaby

"... the exact type of person we needed to manage an Advisory group of very different people with lots of big ideas. She didn't just herd cats, she also was an integral part of the idea generation and is one of the most socially savvy people I know."

- Olivier Delfosse, Senior Vice President of Digital at Fremantle Media Group

"Brady is also an absolute pleasure to work with and can make anyone feel at ease. She is patient, thoughtful and sincere and I would highly recommend her to any company"

- Ryan Lombardini, Digital Marketing Manager, The Trevor Project

"Brady is the quintessential professional. She brings a passion and energy to her work, and no matter the setting, Brady has a natural charm to put people at ease, and her overall demeanor makes her a great colleague. She is a pleasure to work with and watch her work. Not only does she do a great job of establishing and building relationships, but she also brings structure and organization to put into place more efficient systems. Brady would be an asset for any organization looking to further their abilities in relationship management and strategic growth"

- Nicky Yates, Director of Communications at Crowdcentric & Social Media Week

"After building my business in 4 years, and working with consultant after consultant, I cannot express the difference in the kind of work and energy Brady creates compared to the rest."

Laurie Brucker, Stylist + Speaker

"She is a dynamic professional, an amazing networker and delivers results."

- Michelle Kajan, Senior Marketing Manager at Jack Nadel International